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García, Ofelia, Skutnabb-Kangas, Tove and Torres-Guzmán, María (eds) (2009). Imagining Multilingual Schools: Languages in  Education and Glocalization. Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 342 pp., ISBN 978-81-250-3654-8.

[originally published by Multilingual Matters, 2006, 296 pp., ISBN: 1-85359-894-1 (


 List of contents



Key Features:

- Affirms the desirability of multilingual education and presents issues that confront it, as well as ways of constructing it

- Also acknowledges the relationship between global and local forces in different settings as they affect the development of multilingual education programs

Back cover text:

This book brings together visions and realities of multilingual schools throughout the world to order to examine the pedagogical, socioeducational, and sociopolitical issues that impact on their development and success. The chapters describe and analyse schools with different target populations. Each contribution, written by well known scholars, affirms the desirability of multilingualism as a societal resource and as a right of individuals, whilst acknowledging the social, economic and political differences that make the acquisition of multilingualism easy for some and difficult for others.


From back cover:

In the “glocalized” context of hegemonic forces of assimilation and English (only), this book comes just in time for educators, researchers, parents, and policy makers. It allows us to better understand the factors that contribute to the oppression of minoritized languages and their speakers and the ways these factors have been overcome in different settings. Furthermore, it offers a space to imagine ideal circumstances for multilingual schools across divergent settings, a vital aspect to the vision, hope, and forward movement of those who believe in the strength of a multilingual and multicultural society. The next step is for the reader to imagine and bridge the vision with reality.

Tatyana Kleyn, City College of New York, in Teachers College Record, December 08, 2006


We need more books of this type (and our sincere thanks go out to Garcia and her collaborators realizing this need) and owe a huge vote of thanks to the editors, authors and publisher for getting this much overlooked ball rolling at last! More power to them all!

Joshua Fishman, Emeritus Professor


A priceless contribution to the world to recognize and accept bi/multi-linguality as nature's gift for humanity to nurture!

Jennifer Marie Bayer, Central Institute of Indian Languages on