Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Descriptions of some of the most recent books



Skutnabb-Kangas, Tove, Maffi, Luisa and Harmon, David (2003). Sharing a World of Difference: the Earth's linguistic, cultural and biological diversity. Paris: Unesco Publishing. UNESCO/ World Wide Fund for Nature/ Terralingua. ISBN UNESCO 92-3-103917-2.,  can be downloaded from


Catalan and Spanish version, 141 pages (2006).


There are also French, Russian, Arabic and Korean versions


List of contents:

1. The Diversity of Life in Nature and Culture, p. 11

* Biodiversity, p. 13

* Biodiversity at risk, p. 15

2. Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, p. 20

* Similarity and difference, p. 21

3. Languages and Their Users, p. 23

* Languages - the wealth of human creativity, p. 30

* The linguistic and cultural extinction crisis, p. 31

4. Biocultural Diversity, p. 37

* Overlapping distribution of ethnolinguistic and biological diversities, p. 40

* Addressing the biocultural diversity extinction crisis, p. 45

5. The Road Ahead, p. 49

* To Learn More, p. 53

* Glossary, p. 55


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